A male lawmaker worries women will abuse a taxation break to hoard tampons

“That is really what the nation’s lawmakers think about us, ” one menstrual equity advocate claims.

A member of staff holds tampons in a manufacturing hallway of Ontex Hygieneartikel Deutschland GmbH in Germany. Sebastian Kahnert/picture alliance via Getty Images

A debate erupted this week when you look at the Tennessee state legislature throughout the threat of ladies purchasing tampons that are too many.

The concern came up during a hearing about taxation of the products tuesday. Especially, Democratic lawmakers into the state have proposed a bill to add tampons along with other menstrual items in Tennessee’s annual product product sales taxation vacation, a three-day week-end whenever residents can purchase things tax-free.

But state Sen. Joey Hensley, a Republican, worried that this may cause out-of-control tampon-buying.

“I would personally think he said, according to the Associated Press since it’s a sales tax holiday, there’s really no limit on the number of items anybody can purchase. “I don’t understand how you’ll restrict the sheer number of things some one could buy. ”

Hensley’s remarks have actually gotten nationwide coverage, with a few questioning their grasp for the human being cycle that is menstrual. Lees verder