EXCLUSIVE: Ukrainian dwarf used by US few who claim she had been ‘an adult sociopath masquerading as being a child’ is currently residing in Indiana having a new devout Christian group of five whom think she had been abandoned by them

Fooling around along with her five siblings, performing in church and beaming from ear to ear, this is ‘abandoned’ Natalia Barnett, coping with a couple that is christian think about her their teenager daughter.

Three-foot high Natalia, whom is suffering from an uncommon type of dwarfism, are at the middle of an exceptional criminal instance that saw her adoptive moms and dads Kristine and Michael Barnett faced with http://www.brightbrides.net/review/zoosk neglect for going to Canada without her in 2013.

But based on who you think, the bubbly, baby-faced ‘youngster’ is either a 16-year-old woman – or a 30-year-old ‘sociopath’ masquerading as a young child.

For, in a twist worthy of a Hollywood film, Kristine Barnett stated within an exclusive meeting with DailyMail.com a week ago that she can show Ukrainian-born Natalia is secretly a grown up struggling with a serious psychiatric illness.

Mom-of-three Kristine, 45, further alleged that her household will be the victims that are true having been scammed into adopting a grownup in 2010 whom proceeded to terrorize and attempt to destroy them.

A FrequentMail.com while the bewildering situation makes to relax and play call at court research can now expose Natalia has discovered a brand new house with a Christian few from Indiana and their five kids.

Natalia’s brand brand new daddy figure, 36-year-old Antwon Mans, had been recently ordained being a pastor and everyday lives in a church that is former along with his spouse Cynthia, 39.

ConstantMail.com knows the couple that is devout conscious of the concerns swirling all over real chronilogical age of their Ukrainian ‘daughter’, that is scarcely taller when compared to a toddler due to the bone tissue disorder, spondyloepimetaphyseal dysplasia. Lees verder