Asian-looking woman scientist image rejected for $100 bills

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Focus groups evaluating banknotes that upforit profile are new of female’s obvious ethnicity

The financial institution of Canada purged the image of an Asian-looking girl from its brand brand new $100 banknotes after focus teams raised questions regarding her ethnicity.

The initial image meant for the opposite associated with the synthetic polymer banknotes, which started circulating final November, revealed an Asian-looking girl scientist peering as a microscope.

The image, alongside a container of insulin, ended up being designed to commemorate Canada’s medical innovations.

But eight focus groups consulted about the proposed pictures for the brand brand new $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 banknote series were particularly critical for the selection of an Asian when it comes to denomination that is largest.

“Some have actually issues that the researcher seems to be Asian, ” states a 2009 report commissioned by the bank through the Strategic Counsel, acquired by The Canadian Press underneath the usage of Suggestions Act. Lees verder