Report on the training of Forced Marriage in Canada: Interviews with Frontline Workers Exploratory Research done in Montreal and Toronto in 2008

2. Analysis of Data Collected from Field Workers

2.4 grounds for forced marriage

Many reasons that differ based on the social, social, financial, governmental and context that is legal the existence of planned and possibly forced, marriage. They might be cumulative or they could overlap. The participants identified amount of reasons that appear to be during the foundation of the marriages.

2.4.1 Because wedding is really a social work, a family members matter

Some moms and dads try not to ask kids with their viewpoint whenever they contemplate it suitable for them to obtain hitched. This will be frequently the way it is whenever young girls are worried, but in addition often with teenage boys, because parents consider marriage a social work that is a matter for the nuclear or extensive family members and also the city, and so they contemplate it their responsibility to possess their kiddies marry. In terms of the moms and dads are involved, this part is fundamental and failure to do it can even be negligent or a dereliction of duty on the component.

First, a wedding is generally arranged between two families or amongst the woman’s household and a new or older guy. The girl that is young informed associated with plan in the beginning, on the way or only if the marriage is planned become held in a choice of the nation of settlement or the country of beginning. Lees verder